MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME! Links – 15-1 & OUTRO

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15. TLC
“What About Your Friends”  
10. Foxy Brown F Jay-Z
“I’ll Be”
5. Left Eye INTRO
14. Robyn
MY TOP 2008 Album

9. Paul Simon
“You Can Call Me Al”
4.  Bruce Springsteen
“Streets of Philadelphia”
13. Moulin Rouge! Girls
“Lady Marmalade”
8. Bobby Pulido pop quiz

3. Makano pop quiz
12. Puff Daddy & The Family F B.I.G. & Ma$e “Been Around The World”
7. Destiny’s Child
“Independent Women Pt. 1”

2. The Proclaimers
“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

11. Mary J. Blige
“Not Gon’ Cry” 
6. Left Eye Legacy podcast with Ron Lopes
1. Donnell Jones F Left Eye
“U Know What’s Up”



MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME! 1. Donell Jones featuring Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes “U Know What’s Up”

MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME!

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Never forgotten. Courtesy of Google

1. Donell Jones featuring Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes “U Know What’s Up”
This is the fifth and, obviously, final and highest entry from MY January 2009 TOP 10: Left Eye Videos countdown and of all of Year 1.  First, at Number 25 was TLC’s hugest hit, “Waterfalls.”  Then, at Number 21 was their second hugest hit, “No Scrubs.”  Both of these are from TLC’s junior release, FanMail.  Third was “What About Your Friends” at Number 15 , one of the string of hits from their debut release, Ooooooh… On The TLC Tip.  Fourth, coming in at Number 5, was the INTRODUCTION post to the entire countdown.

Still Champs. Courtesy of Google

Well, there you have it.  Not sure what else to say other than Left Eye Forever!   I love TLC and I love Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.  Seems like the popolio visitors agree with me by crowning this with the Year 1 Number 1 spot.  This was based on the total hits each post received and this particular post received the most by far.

I will say TLC is not like other girl groups where girls can be replaced and have (not saying any names).  Perhaps, because there were only 3 members and they each had such distinct personalities. I think other TLC fans will agree with me that though you may have your favorite (mine changed through the years), you will still support the other girls’ projects and endeavors.  It’s like extended family.  You may have your fave cousin, but it doesn’t mean your other cousins are chopped liver. 

Frozen in time. Courtesy of Google

The talent and the chemistry were undeniable.  I don’t gravitate to artists that are necessarily the best singers.  You can be the best singer in the world, but be boring and have no personality.  I’m attracted to artists that I find interesting.  It’s about the whole package.  

Great songs to start with.  Everything else has to back the music up.  It always goes back to the music.  That said, you then add a little dance (I love to dance, so I like performers who dance),  a little stage presence, a lot of personality, a lot of attitude, and a great look (a standout trend-setting sense of style is a must).  

Lastly, the sound and the look have to change and evolve through time.  Most of all, they should have a uniqueness and sincerity that sets them apart from whoever else is out there.  TLC had all of that and then some.  In droves.  ‘Nuff said.

I gave this video the Number 3 spot on Saturday, January 24, 2009.  Read the original post here — MY TOP 1o:  Left Eye Videos — 3. Donell Jones featuring Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes “U Know What’s Up” and watch the video below.

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TLC Forever. Courtesy of Google