MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME! Links – 15-1 & OUTRO

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15. Boy + Kite 101X Win
10. GOBI 5Q
5. The Blistering Speeds LOTTO
14. The Royalty 5Q
9. JADA Call & B-May pop quiz
4.The Lusitania 5Q
13. Sariah 10Q
8. Zach Paul 5Q
3. Roach Gigz pop quiz
7. Cigarettes After Sex 5Q
2. Sophie B. Hawkins 20Q Part 1
11. Day vs. Night LOTTO
6. Pop Pistol pop quiz
1. Sophie B. Hawkins 20Q Part 2




MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME! 12. SALVO LOTTO Interview

MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME!

12. SALVO LOTTO Interview
The Year 3 Number 12 spot goes to SALVO.  ATX in the house again!  Represent! Represent!  Like NYC-based Sariah at Number 12 before her, this rank is impressive because this interview only went live on Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

Interesting also because I wasn’t sure if both of our schedules were going to allow this interview to see the light of the day, but SALVO got it to me and I posted it!  And here it is at Number 12.  Not too shabby!  Shows that SALVO’s got mad support from her peeps.

The LOTTO Interview is a variation of THE REAL popolio pop quiz interview.  I created it for a stint as a weekly music columnist at Zubterrain, e-zine of Zonisphere Media Group, based in New York, which is now on a hiatus due to a site overhaul.   I brought my LOTTO format over to popolio and started using it a bit.

I wanted something standardized, but that would allow for more variability in and the interpretation of  those questions, the answers, and the order of the questions.  I also wanted more of a balance in the mix of the type of questions.   As I created my 100 list of questions, I made sure everyone other question was a musical question and tried to balance the fun ones with serious and pop cultural ones.

This is only the second LOTTO Interview to make the Year 3 countdown.  The first featured another ATX-based band, Feedback, who tied with a BB Gun Johnny pop quiz at Number 28.

See the original post here — LOTTO Interview:  SALVO — ATX .  It includes a video of a live  SALVO benefit performance.

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LOTTO Interview: SALVO – ATX

Editor’s Note:  Zonisphere Media Group, home of the e-zine, Zubterrain, where my weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy, lived, continues to undergo a site overhaul, indefinitely.   So, my column is currently halted.  I finished out my June posts here at THE REAL popolio.

My articles normally went live on Tuesdays. I thought I was done for the meantime, but I have a few outstanding.  Since this was in flux and submitted by the artist, I think it deserves to see the light of day.  There is one more LOTTO Interview pending.  Look for that one in September.

That said, I normally had a Cause of the Month interview that kicked things off the first week of each month.  I had reached out to local R&B songbird, Lisa Marshall, to be my interviewee for August, but then I learned about the hiatus at Zubterrain.  I do know her COM would have been Out Youth Austin.  So, for these two August posts (one more coming at the end of the month), that’s what it will be.  Click on the link to find out more about the organization and enjoy the interview.

Cause of the Month:  Out Youth Austin

SALVO is an Austin-based artist who raps and sings.  Mixing hip hop and R&B, her pipes remind me of P!nk‘s.  Being perfectly honest, I wouldn’t be mad at her if she decided to just simply sing. No disrespect to her rap skills, it’s just that I’m that taken by her vocal ones.

The idea is simple.  I have a list of questions that are a mixed bag of musical, fun, serious, and silly.  SALVO chose ten numbers from 1 through 50 without getting to see the questions. The questions she answered for this interview are the questions that corresponded with the numbers that were chosen.  Up from the 50 SALVO chose her LOTTO numbers from, it is currently at 100.

Interesting fact about SALVO, she is a hairstylist/makeup artist during the day while she hustles and grinds on her music game the rest of the time.  Watch a YouTube video of SALVO performing at a benefit for Japan at local beauty shop, Sirens Salon, on June 6, 2011.  Read her LOTTO Interview below.

UR: Greatest movie of all-time?
SO:  Ooooh, that’s a tough one…I’ll go with Scarface…it’s a classic.

UR:  Do you believe in God?
SO:  I have faith and I tend to think of myself as a spiritual person and all I know for sure………….is that no one knows anything for sure.  Undoubtedly, something greater (a higher power so to speak) exists.

UR:  Favorite meal? 
SO:  I’m Italian/Puerto Rican and I looove food, but my mom’s pasta and homemade meatballs never disappoints!

UR:  What do you love about the music industry?
SO:  Music and the industry have changed so much in the last 20 years in both negative and positive ways and continue to do so.  What I love most about the industry is the potential to change someone’s day and make it better by sharing words and notes from my soul and inspiring others.

UR:  How would you describe your sound?
SO:  Soulful Hip Hop/R&B with a twist.

UR:  Is it just me, or does Whoopi Goldberg never get enough respect for being one of those special few artists that has won one of each major award (Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, and Tony)?
SO:  LMAO!  Honestly…I’ve never thought about it; however, I can say that credit should always be given where it is due.

UR:  Madonna or Lady Gaga?
SO:  Madonna.

UR:  How would you describe your personal fashion style?
SO:  Ha!  I’m not sure how to explain that…It depends on the day and my mood, but I always keep it fresh and original.  I definitely love to shine, but being comfortable is imperative whether it be my Chucks or stilettos.

UR:  Favorite piece of clothing you can’t live without and that you wear all the time?
SO:  My skinny jeans.

UR:  Why do you think that, arguably, music translates better globally than film or television?
SO:  Music has the ability to affect and bring to the surface all of the most intense feelings people experience.  Music understands when no one else does and there is no need for visual aspect in order to convey any message…a few notes speak volumes.