Shout Out to Goodie Boxers for REAL popolio 2nd Anniversary Dance Party!

This is has been a long time coming, but before COMPLETELY FULLY REALLY shutting down I wanted to make sure to get this post out there. This is the last 1 of 2 posts I will be writing for THE REAL popolio. Promise! ūüôā

I intended to post this closer to the date of the event, but things came up and I never was able to get around to it.

These are all the artists and organizations that donated items (CDs, stickers,¬†gift cards, and other goodies; hence the name)¬†for the goodie boxes for THE REAL popolio’s 2nd Year Anniversary B&W Party featuring 1990s pop music by local¬†DJ, HOT BRITCHES!,¬†that went down on Saturday,¬†September 11, 201o at local mediterranean restaurant, Phara’s. ¬†

I made 2 versions of the flyer.  See them here and here at my personal Facebook Page. 

So a boisterous SHOUT OUT and gigantic THANK YOU to (in no particular order):

San Antonio indie band, LEDASWAN; NYC-based collaborative alternative¬†musicians collective, PASSION PROJECT; long-time¬†industry guy,¬†RICH OVERTON¬†and his RJO ARTIST RELATIONS & MANAGEMENT (sent us stuff from multiple artists he reps); Boston pop/R&B girl group, JADA, ATX’s own rockers; THE MIDGETMEN; Dallas musician of many hats, CLAY PENDERGRASS;¬†LA-based singer-songwriter, BILL CURD; also¬†LA-based dance rock diva, DEBBY HOLIDAY; ATX electro hip hoppers, ONE STEP PROGRAM; NYC indie¬†pop/rock¬†outfit, LOVE & LOGIC;¬†Chicago pop rocker,¬†SCOTT WESLEY; NYC-based folk rocker, JON SANDLER; ATX old school soulstress, LISA MARSHALL; ATX power popster, PHIL DUTRA; and local Chinese food restaurant at Dobie Mall, HOA HOA (for donating gift cards).¬†

Click on the logos, pics, and/or album covers BELOW to go to each of their official sites.

Better late than never.¬† I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone, but if I have, you know who you are and an equally boisterous¬†SHOUT OUT and gigantic THANK YOU to you as well!¬† ‘Nuff said.


OUTlander TV – Interview with PETALS

During Austin PRIDE on Saturday, September 10, 2011, I interviewed some of the featured artists of the inaugural OUTlander Fall Festival.  In addition to this post, I created my own YouTube Page to feature them. 

Here’s the first of the series with ATX pop/rock band, PETALS.¬† This was¬†PETALS’ FIRST EVER video interview after their set¬†kicking off the Empire Stage at Lipstick 24.

Thanks to Melissa Martin, Director of Operations for bMUSEd Entertainment,¬†for the opportunity &¬†PETALS for being open to the experience and letting me be the first. ūüėČ

Shot and edited by bMUSEd Entertainment.  OUTlander Fall Festival presented by & bMUSEd Entertainment.

Music Video: Colbie Caillat “Brighter Than The Sun”

Listen to¬†all of All of You¬†that ‚ÄúBrighter Than The Sun” is¬†from at the Colbie Caillat Listening Party that we posted back¬†in July.

Music Video: Krista “Hypnotized”

Westland pop quiz interview

August 5, 2011

Name: Westland
Genre: Pop Rock
Debut Release: Don’t Take It Personal (Self-Released)
Release Date: June 25, 2009

This, That, or the Other
1. Underground OR Mainstream? Mainstream
2. Maintain Artistic Integrity and Vision OR Make a lot of Money? (OR Both)??? I believe you can totally do both.
3. Studio OR Stage? Studio ‚Äď I have always considered myself a writer more than a musician.
4. Spirituality OR Hedonism? Spirituality
5. Make Love, Have Sex, OR %$*!? All of the above!¬† There’s a time and place for it all.

Fill in the Blank
6. Music is my anthem.
7. I‚Äôm musically inspired by emotion dictated by life’s every day experiences.
8. If I could have made any music video it would have been ‚ÄúDancing in the Street‚ÄĚ by David Bowie and Mick Jagger.
9. If I was a super hero I’d be Blank Man.
10. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll should change to Determination, Selflessness, and Practice.

Short Answer
11. I make music because:  It’s the best job ever.
12. I want my fans to:  Spread the word about Westland.
13. If I could only share one thing about myself it would be:¬† That I hate McDonald’s.
14. Wild Card!  I love kittens.
15. I want my musical legacy to be:   Known as the underdogs that worked for everything they got.

The video Westland wish they would have made!

Listen to Westland’s “Don’t Take It Personal,” the title track from their over 16K¬†selling debut.¬† Click on the cover to go to their Facebook Page.

Colbie Caillat All Of You Listening Party!

Colbie Caillait’s All Of You came out yesterday. See it listed on this week’s Tuesday Tease here.¬†¬† Listen to it in its entirety below.¬† If you like what you hear you can get it at iTunes here.