Shout Out to Goodie Boxers for REAL popolio 2nd Anniversary Dance Party!

This is has been a long time coming, but before COMPLETELY FULLY REALLY shutting down I wanted to make sure to get this post out there. This is the last 1 of 2 posts I will be writing for THE REAL popolio. Promise! ūüôā

I intended to post this closer to the date of the event, but things came up and I never was able to get around to it.

These are all the artists and organizations that donated items (CDs, stickers,¬†gift cards, and other goodies; hence the name)¬†for the goodie boxes for THE REAL popolio’s 2nd Year Anniversary B&W Party featuring 1990s pop music by local¬†DJ, HOT BRITCHES!,¬†that went down on Saturday,¬†September 11, 201o at local mediterranean restaurant, Phara’s. ¬†

I made 2 versions of the flyer.  See them here and here at my personal Facebook Page. 

So a boisterous SHOUT OUT and gigantic THANK YOU to (in no particular order):

San Antonio indie band, LEDASWAN; NYC-based collaborative alternative¬†musicians collective, PASSION PROJECT; long-time¬†industry guy,¬†RICH OVERTON¬†and his RJO ARTIST RELATIONS & MANAGEMENT (sent us stuff from multiple artists he reps); Boston pop/R&B girl group, JADA, ATX’s own rockers; THE MIDGETMEN; Dallas musician of many hats, CLAY PENDERGRASS;¬†LA-based singer-songwriter, BILL CURD; also¬†LA-based dance rock diva, DEBBY HOLIDAY; ATX electro hip hoppers, ONE STEP PROGRAM; NYC indie¬†pop/rock¬†outfit, LOVE & LOGIC;¬†Chicago pop rocker,¬†SCOTT WESLEY; NYC-based folk rocker, JON SANDLER; ATX old school soulstress, LISA MARSHALL; ATX power popster, PHIL DUTRA; and local Chinese food restaurant at Dobie Mall, HOA HOA (for donating gift cards).¬†

Click on the logos, pics, and/or album covers BELOW to go to each of their official sites.

Better late than never.¬† I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone, but if I have, you know who you are and an equally boisterous¬†SHOUT OUT and gigantic THANK YOU to you as well!¬† ‘Nuff said.


MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME! 22. TsuShiMaMiRe 10Q & Elephant Sky pop quiz

MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME!

22. TsuShiMaMiRe 10Q & Elephant Sky pop quiz
This is our second Year 3 tie.  See the first here.  The Number 22 spot is shared by Japanese punk band, TsuShiMaMiRe, and Brooklyn-based folk pop artist, Elephant Sky.

This is the first Questions for post on the countdown not written by myself.  It was written by one-time freelance contributor, Deanna Fierro.  At the time, she was based in El Paso and TsuShiMaMiRe had a gig scheduled there.

She interviewed them the night of that show and even got a photographer to take pictures.  So, there is also a show pic-olio associated with this interview.  See the TsuShiMaMiRe pic-olio shot by Refractive Elements Studio here.  Deanna also reviewed the show here.

My thought with taking on Deanna was that, being from El Paso myself, I wanted to try to feature more El Paso Artists and happenings in the Sun City.  In this case, it worked.

Elephant Sky was the focus of my second June 2011 pop quiz interview.¬† It posted on Friday, June 24, 2011.¬† The focus of the first was Kaydean on Friday, June 10, 2011.¬† That pop quiz interview already made an appearance on this countdown at the Year 3 Number 25 spot.¬† Perhaps, mentioning Elephant Sky’s pop quiz in that post helped her climb to this spot.

At some point, Brooklyn-based artists became common here at THE REAL popolio.¬† Not sure why or how that is exactly.¬† Don’t know if there is just a lot of musical talent in that particular New York borough or if it’s just coincidence.

In some cases, the artists I feature are connected to one another.¬† I kind of work on referrals sometimes or I refer myself to a related artist.¬† Or they see what’s come before and they find me.¬† Either way, I ended up covering Austin, the rest of Texas, Boston a little bit (because I have an affinity for it), and Brooklyn through the years.

See the original Thursday, December 2, 2010 TsuShiMaMiRe post here ‚ÄĒ EXCLUSIVE 10 Questions for TsuShiMaMiRe ‚ÄĒ EP.

See all 17 Year 3 Questions for interviews here.

See the original Elephant Sky post here ‚ÄĒ Elephant Sky pop quiz interview.¬† It includes her song, ‚ÄúGood Lie,‚ÄĚ and Monsters of Folk‚Äôs video for ‚ÄúTemazcal.‚ÄĚ

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Music Video: Clara May “Hush”

MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME! 26. Medicine Park pop quiz

MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME!

from popolio pic-olio posted on Tuesday, April 5th

26. Medicine Park pop quiz
ATX folk/pop artist, Medicine Park aka Clay Berkes, takes the Year 3 Number 26 spot with his Friday, January 14, 2011 pop quiz interview.  Not only did he kick off the month, he kicked off the new year.  The second January 2011 pop quiz posted on Friday, January 28, 2011, and featured the Garland/Dallas-area R&B artist, B-May.

Additionally, Medicine Park was the first artist I shot for the very first creative photo shoot for THE REAL popolio pic-olio feature.¬† I’m not a photog, but I like to dabble.¬† I’d been wanting to do creative, conceptual photo shoots with artists for awhile.¬† Like the old Rolling Stone covers by Annie Leibovitz¬† as well as David LaChapelle’s and Herb Ritts‘ stuff.¬† On a much smaller scale and with no budget, of course!¬†¬†I’d tried to work with other artists for a few years off-and-on and it just never came together.

Then, with MP, it just all came together rather nicely and quickly.¬† I think we had great chemistry and, really, he was justa natural and a pro, so I didn’t have to direct him much.¬† He got my concepts and it was like he could read my mind.¬† I also tried to remain true to his vibe with my ideas.¬† It was fun.

You can see that pic-olio here and BONUS pic-olio featuring outtakes from that shoot here.  Last week, I posted the third (second shot by me) creative pic-olio with Lubbock-based, Austin-loving, acoustic rock duo, Lipstick Letters.  You can see that pic-olio here.

See the original post here ‚ÄĒ Medicine Park pop quiz interview ‚Äď ATX.¬† It includes his song, ‚ÄúDaphne Wilkerson,‚ÄĚ and a¬† The Buggles’ video for “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

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Courtesy of Google

Music Video: Jenn Bostic “Jealous of the Angels”

Music Video: Erland & The Carnival “Springtime”

Amy Cook Opens for Nic Armstrong TONIGHT 7/20/11@Scoot Inn – ATX

WHO:  Amy Cook opens for Nic Armstrong
WHEN:  TONIGHT, Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 9:30 PM
WHERE:  The Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th Street @Navasota 78702)
WHY:¬†¬†A chance to check out¬†Amy Cook’s¬†new songs before her next show in September.
COVER:  $5

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