MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME! Links – INTRO & 30-16


30.BRAIDS pop quiz
25. Kaydean pop quiz
20. Quiet Company pop quiz
29. Girl in a Coma 5Q
24. The Shondes Call
19. She’s a Tease pop quiz
28. BB Gun Johnny pop quiz
& Feedback LOTTO

23. The Jezabels pop quiz

18. Jon Sandler pop quiz

27. Larissa Ness pop quiz

22. TsuShiMaMiRe 10Q
& Elephant Sky pop quiz
17. Neon Desert Music Festival
El Paso Week
26. Medicine Park pop quiz
21. Peelander-Z pop quiz
16. Stefani Vara 20Q Part 1


LOTTO Interview: Alison Clancy

Editor’s Note:  Zonisphere Media Group, home of the e-zine, Zubterrain, where my weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy, lived, continues to undergo a site overhaul, indefinitely.  So, my column is currently halted.  I finished out my June posts here at THE REAL popolio.

My articles normally went live on Tuesdays. I thought I was done for the meantime, but I have a few outstanding.  Since this was in flux and submitted by the artist, I think it deserves to see the light of day.  This is the last pending LOTTO Interview.  I would have posted this on Tuesday, but there’s been a lot going on in September and I’ve gotten a little behind.  See the other LOTTO Interview that was pending featuring the ATX’s SALVO here.

That said, I normally had a Cause of the Month interview that kicked things off the first week of each month.  Since, I’m not writing the column for the the whole month, I’m just going to choose what would be my COM and link it here.  I choose the Texas Council on Family Violence as the September 2011 Cause of the Month.  Click on the link to find out more about the organization and enjoy the interview.

Cause of the Month:  Texas Council on Family Violence

Alison Clancy is a Brooklyn artist who fronts two bands.  HUFF THIS! and Electric Child.  She was actually the answer to on of the questions in a previous LOTTO Interview.

The question reads, “Play it Forward: Make a case for an up-and-coming indie artist or act that you’re really into and that you feel more people should be into. Who is it and why should we be into them, too?”  Fifth Nation played her forward.

The idea is simple. I have a list of questions that are a mixed bag of musical, fun, serious, and silly. Alison Clancy chose ten numbers from 1 through 50 without getting to see the questions.  The questions she answered for this interview are the questions that corresponded with the numbers that were chosen.  The list is currently holding steady at 100.

Alison Clancy started as a modern dancer and brings that sensibility to her musical expression.  Especially her videos.  Watch the official video for “Lovin You” by HUFF THIS!  Read Alison’s LOTTO Interview below.

UR:  Why did you get into music?
AC: Because it feeeeeeeeeeeeels GOOD!

UR:  Greatest movie of all-time?
AC:  I probably haven’t seen it.  Or it hasn’t been made, yet.

UR:  What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
AC:  Guilt is never pleasurable.

UR:  Tell me a secret.
AC:  Don’t have many.  I’m a pretty open book.  Maybe too open.  I was kind of in a cult for a while, but that’s not even a secret.  I like crazy people and freaks and sometimes I can follow their logic a little too long even when it doesn’t make any sense.  Or I let people into my life who maybe I shouldn’t trust so quickly.

UR:  What do you hate about the music industry?
AC:  In the music industry there is always the slight chance of a song, person, or band garnering money/fame and sometimes this makes people unnecessarily possessive/jealous/competitive.  For me, the point of playing music is expression/community/catharsis.  Having come from the dance world, where no one is ever expecting fame or glory, it’s all about process and the discipline of training.  This was a very foreign and frustrating dynamic for me at first, but now that I understand it I think I’m getting better at dealing with it.

UR:  If someone were to play you in a movie of your life, who would it be and why?
AC:  I would play me because I’m awesome at being me.

UR:  What would the soundtrack to the story of your life sound like?
AC:  Grass growing, airplanes crashing, lots of classical ballet music, sexy R&B, and Zach Hill bloodying himself on a drum set.

UR:  Does Ghost still make you cry like it does me?
AC:  Hmmm.  Haven’t seen it in ages.  Would probably depend on the context of my life at the moment.

UR:  You can get a song remixed in another genre, which of your songs would you remix and in what style?
AC:  I would get the HUFF THIS! Song, “My Love,” remixed as a dubstep dance anthem.  The cello/synth dance duo, Electric Pussy, might do this.  If so, it will be SICK!

UR:  Favorite part of your body?
AC:  Whatever part is being touched by my lover.

MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME! 24. The Shondes Van Stolen

MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME!

24. The Shondes Van Stolen

Photo by Will Haddad

I try to keep THE REAL popolio a music site. Purely entertainment.  Not news.  Not gossip.  Or sensationalism.  Now, if someone relevant passes away or something like that, I do feel a need to comment.  But, it’s case-by-case and dependent on my mood and how I feel about the artist.  Really it goes back to relevancy for myself and for the site.

The Shondes were a band I had featured during Year 1 and we’ve kept in touch since then.  So, when I saw their late February 2011 Facebook post that their tour van had been stolen and that they were in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new one, I had to jump on board to try to help them.

I reposted their campaign.  You can see the original Thursday, March 3, 2011 post here — The Shondes Van Stolen, Help Them Get a New One!

This cry for help takes the Year 3 Number 24 spot.  And, yes, they made their deadline and were able to get a new van.  It was all thanks to the support of their fans, friends, and family.

Music Video: Helado Negro “Regresa”

10Q for Bird Call Before Her 8/17/11 Show@The Hole in the Wall – ATX

I first posted Bird Call’s (aka Chiara Angelicola) video for her award-winning song, “Waltz in the Snow,” a few weeks back.  As I stated in that post, and will restate here, she will be playing the Hole in the Wall THIS WEDNESDAY, August 17, 2011, with Johanna and the Dusty Floor

Before then, get to know a little bit about this intriguing up-and-coming Brooklyn-based artist with our EXCLUSIVE 10Q interview.

Listen to Bird Call’s version of Beck’s “Lost Cause.”

Click the first pic to go to Bird Call’s official site and second, at the end of the interview, to get to her Facebook Page.


by Gretchen Robinette

1. You probably get this question all the time, but how did you come up with the Bird Call moniker?  What does it mean?  Quite honestly I am not quite sure if I experienced a specific moment when Bird Call came to me.  I think it was more of a culmination of experiences that led to a moment where I just intuited the name and that was that. 

I got my first two tattoos of these two sparrow-style birds on my forearms a few years ago, after that I started subconsciously paying more attention to birds, in general, their morning songs, bird paraphernalia, etc.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a crazy bird woman when I’m old and gray.

2. Congrats on winning the Performance Category in this year’s International Songwriters Competition with “Waltz in the Snow!”  I don’t think many up-and-coming artists even know about it.  How did you hear about it?  How does it feel to have won?  I heard about ISC through several different mediums including Folk Alliance, Sonic Bids, and newsletters.  It’s one of those things that I didn’t really pay much attention to the first few years.  Once I released my first record I submitted my song, “Momentum,” and never heard back.  The second year I submitted “Waltz in the Snow” and I didn’t think much of it.  When I got the word that I was a finalist, I just flipped out and was like I don’t care if I win because I was just so stoked to have made the finals.  When I received notice that I won, I was pumped that these greats like Tom Waits and Peter Gabriel acknowledged my songwriting.  Manifested dream.

3. Diggin’ the look on the cover of your latest EP, Other Creatures, with the rainbow braid and feathers.  Very bird-y, of course.  What was the inspiration?  Do you ever perform in a look like this or would you appear in a video that way?  As far as photos, I always like exploring different ideas that pop in my head when I’m dreaming, working out, or in the shower.  I like creating stories in my head and then bringing them to life.

The cover for the EP was more of an exploration and art piece that I did with my fantastic photographer and close friend, Gretchen Robinette.  I usually don’t dress too crazy on stage but I can never say no to glitter. 

4. The reason I ask about videos is because you look like a totally different person in the “Waltz in the Snow” video.  Not only do you look younger and more innocent, but very classic, ‘50s, I think (if I’m getting my eras right), but definitely old school.  Tell me about this persona and the video.  Which is more you?  I’m a chameleon.  I like exploring different parts of my personalities. When I write, I take on the role of the story-teller of that song.  “Waltz in the Snow” is very much about an innocent girl experiencing Brooklyn for the first time.  We tried to emulate that in the video. It’s all based on the story.

5. What about “Waltz in the Snow?”  Why did you decide to write a song like this both lyrically and sonically?  It is your ode to Brooklyn, correct?  I wrote it when I first moved to Brooklyn during the daunting cold of my first real east coast winter.  When I write it seems to come from some place outside of me and deep within me at the same time.  I cannot try to manipulate what comes out too much.  It felt right at the time.  I can say that I intended the 3 count time as I have always wanted to write a waltz.

6. Use this question to wax poetic about Brooklyn and tell us all, especially us Austinites, why Brooklyn is so exquisite.  I feel that when artists move to New York they move with a drive and intention to build something great.  Brooklyn carries this energy constantly from day into night.  You feel it around you, and it is what keeps me motivated, creating, being inspired, and challenging myself. 

7. How did the co-headlining tour with Johanna and the Dusty Floor come together?  Why not tour solo?  Johanna and I both released our records on May 24th and we had both been talking about touring our music out.  It seemed logical to split costs and combine efforts to tour the country together since our music is so compatible as well.  We’re really stoked about it all and having a lot of fun.

8. Have you been to Austin before?  What can we expect from your Austin stop at the Hole in the Wall?  It will be my first time in Austin.  I’ve never been.  I’m bringing my California-native-via-Brooklyn vibes and hope everyone likes.  I have heard nothing but great things about the Austin music scene.  Really excited and looking forward to playing this fun spot with some great local acts as well.

9.  Tell us one salacious rumor that you’ve heard about the ATX.  I hear that when you walk into any bar you get your first couple of drinks on the house.

10. You’re a new bird species.  What are you called, what do you look like, and what does your bird call sound like?  Describe.  I am the Pantheonicus Horned Pegagasius Owl.  I try to balance my life with innocence and a healthy challenge on a daily basis.  I also watch B-side horror films and do yoga.  Hooty Hoo.

by Gretchen Robinette

The Shondes Stolen Van Update!

Those of you that read this post about the Shondes having their van stolen and trying to raise money to get to their SXSW shows in a new van, among other things, may have wanted an update.  This is a little late, but better late than never.

They are alive and well, surpassed their goal, got a new van, and are rumored to be gigging SXSW shows this week. Seriously though, they are here in the ATX.

I am now a contributing writer to another local site, therepubliq, and the Shondes were part of a my debut there with a series of SXSW Music Spotlight interviews.  I ask them all about their recent van dilemma there.  Read about it here and find out where their SXSW shows are, too.

The Shondes Van Stolen, Help Them Get a New One!

Brooklyn band, the Shondes, who I’ve previously featured at THE REAL popolio and who have played the ATX and SXSW on more than one occasion, recently had their touring van stolen.   They have an initiative going for fans to help them buy a new one.  They do have some SXSW 2011 dates scheduled.  You can help them get to those Austin dates!

Their goal is $10,000 and there are 8 days left in their initiative.  They’ve collected $9,084  from 210 backers so far!  They’re happy with any donated amount.

Watch their video and listen to the Shondes give you the deets, themselves.   They’re pretty funny about it considering the circumstances.  They shout out Austin and no other city.  Just sayin’.