Lipstick Letters pic-olio – Lubbock/ATX

Editor’s Note:  Zonisphere Media Group, home of the e-zine, Zubterrain, where my weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy, lived, continues to undergo a site overhaul, indefinitely.   So, my column is currently halted.  I finished out my June posts here at THE REAL popolio.

My articles normally went live on Tuesdays. I thought I was done for the meantime, but I have a few outstanding.  Since this was in flux and already scheduled with the artists, I think it deserves to see the light of day.  At Urb’l Remedy, I would have called this a BONUS Photo Pictorial (only to post on the last week of 5-week months like August).  THE REAL popolio version is a pic-olio, that could post any time.

That said, I normally had a Cause of the Month interview that kicked things off the first week of each month.  I had reached out to local R&B songbird, Lisa Marshall, to be my interviewee for August, but then I learned about the hiatus at Zubterrain.  I do know her COM would have been Out Youth Austin.  So, for these two August posts (one posted at the beginning of the month), that’s what it will be.  Click on the link to find out more about the organization and enjoy the pic-olio.

Cause of the Month:  Out Youth Austin

Thank you to Jenni Lord and Tina Turner (yes, that’s her name!), collectively Lipstick Letters, for their openness to the process and patience on waiting for these to post.  We did the photo shoot way back at the beginning of July.  On Ms. Lord’s birthday weekend, no less.  I got the chance to interview Jenni Lord for SXSW earlier this year.  Please check out that interview over at

I’m not going to give away the concepts this time around.  I’ll just leave that to your imagination and interpretation.  It will be Lipstick Letters and my little secret only visible in the traces of their lipstick.  Corny, I know.  Couldn’t resist.  I will say, we had a quite a few set-ups, so I went with 10 final photos.

Shout out to Corey Hurt and Eric Garcia for hosting us and providing the location for the shoot.

Lipstick Letters play the inaugural OUTlander Fall Festival during Austin PRIDE 2011 next weekend, on Saturday, September 10, 2011.  Go  to the OUTlander Facebook Page for deets!

They are also the first September 2011 pop quiz interview Artist.  Read it here.

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Shari Pine pic-olio

Editor’s Note:  This is a repost of the photos featured in my SECOND EVER! BONUS Photo Pictorial at my weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy, at Zubterrain, the e-zine of the Zonisphere Media Group Featuring a photo shoot of New York-based blues vocalist, Shari Pine, by New York-area photographer, Joseph Silva, it was originally posted last Tuesday, May 31, 2011.

This is a first time a guest photographer was  showcased for this feature.  Very interesting collaboration with myself in the ATX and Joseph and Shari, both in NYC.  They shot on location in and around parts of Times Square in New York City on Wednesday, May 18, 2011.  Please read and check out the original post at my music column here.

See the first with ATX-based folk artist Medicine Park here at THE REAL popolio and at Urb’l Remedy.

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Show pic-olio: 1/25/11 Questlove@Reyn Theatre – EP

photos by Deanna Fierro of El Paso Showlist

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Show pic-olio: 11/3/10 TsuShiMaMiRe@The Black Market – EP

photos by Leticia Pena of Refractive Elements Studio

Read Deanna Fierro’s 10Q interview with TsuShiMaMiRe at the show here.
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