MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME! 14. Robyn – TOP ’08 Album

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MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME!

14. Robyn – TOP ’08 Album
I’ve only ever christened a top album of the year for 2008, which was the first year of THE REAL popolio.  I planned to do it for consecutive years, but I never felt like I had listened to enough to to choose a selection fairly.  Frankly, I wasn’t so moved by anything new I had listened to to christen it the ‘best’ of the year.  It’s really more of the former than the latter, though.  I really hadn’t listened to enough new and full projects to give something that lofty of a title.

I do feel that pop gets a bad rap.  Robyn’s brand of it was the freshest I had heard in a long while.  I haven’t heard anything in pop as fresh or consistent since.  With Robyn she blueprinted her new electro pop sound and with the Body Talk series she perfected that blueprint.  That is, is wasn’t anything new; where Robyn was a left turn from everything that had come before, Body Talk was the evolution of that Robyn sound.  She definitely found her lane and revved in it to pure pop perfection.

You can argue that pop lyrics are simple, high school, and maybe even elementary and maybe that they have no depth or emotion.  I disagree.  The layers are there and there is definitely emotion.  I don’t disagree that pop can translate like school girl diary entries, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t layers and emotions there.

I think Robyn’s lyricism is a little more intelligent and layered than your average pop artist’s.  Sometimes how effortless the simplicity seems can be deceptive.  That’s not to say that there aren’t songs that are just dance songs or fun songs.  But, songs about robots and dancing in a corner by yourself can be metaphors for other things.  If nothing else, there is creativity there that cannot be denied.  There will always be love songs in any genre and everyone’s love experience is valid in my book.  Nothing wrong with a booty song every now and then, either, though.

I also gave an Honorable Mention to Cyndi Lauper’s Bring Ya To The Brink.  I thought she did some amazing things with that record.  It was like her Ray of Light moment.

Read the original post here — MY TOP:  Album of 2008 — Robyn.  This review takes the Number 14 spot on this Year 1 countdown.

Courtesy of Google


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