MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME! 17. Scissors For Lefty [Steve Garza] pop quiz

MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME!

17. Scissors For Lefty [Steve Garza] pop quiz
This is second pop quiz from October 2008’s Scissors For Lefty Month.   The first  featured vocalist, Bryan Garza, (Steve Garza’s brother) at Number 24.

In our second month of existence, I thought I’d be slick and feature a pop quiz from each member of a 5-member band.  That band was Scissors For Lefty(which was made up of two sets of brothers and an uncle).

And, that month was October 2008, which I christened Scissors For Lefty Month. That way,  it was special and I had content for every Friday of the month.

It was a model I had hoped to recreate with other bands, but never did.  So, October 2008 is the only time I featured pop quiz interviews with each individual member of a group.

Steve Garza, the bass guitar player, was the second of the SFL set which were the second ever popolio pop quiz interviews, having kicked off the blog in September 2008.  His pop quiz posted on Friday, October 10, 2008.   His bandmates’ pop quizzes posted the Friday before and every consecutive Friday after his until the end the month.

In Year 2, I changed the pop quiz a bit and called it pop quiz Version 2.0.  The way I got to the Question 8 music video was by asking  what the artist’s favorite “all-time” video was as opposed to their fave “old school  joint.”   In Year 3 it’s been about what video they wish they would have made for their own careers.

See the original post here — Scissors For Lefty [Steve Garza] pop quiz.  It includes one of their B-Sides (do those even exist anymore?), “Inevitable Thieves,” from “Mama Your Boys Will Find a Home.”  Actually, they gave me a different song to stream with each pop quiz, including a couple of pre-release new tracks.  That was very generous of them.

Steve’s fave old school joint was Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend,” so you can watch that video along with his interview.

See the rest of the Scissors For Lefty pop quizzes below:

Bryan Garza (vocals) pop quiz
Robby Garza (guitar) pop quiz
James Krimmel (drums) pop quiz
Peter Krimmel (piano) pop quiz

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