MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME! 18. popolio is…

MY TOP 30: Year 1 Posts of ALL-TIME!

18. popolio is…
The Year 1 Number 18 spot goes to the description tab for the site.  I recreated it for the Year 3 version of the site, too.  Color-coordinated it and everything.

So, I knew I wanted to do a “pop” music site when I first started.   I looked up words and found olio.  I liked the idea of a pop portfolio.  And, the definition of olio was perfect  — a collection of music; a hodgepodge.

Someone commented once that creating a name that had the name of a disease (polio) in it probably wasn’t the best idea. I like it and I think it rolls of the tongue.  A few have even thought it is pronounced in Spanish, like po/po/leo, which is cool, but it’s meant to be in English because of the emphasis on the word “pop.”  It also opened the door for the names of a some of the features like the pop quiz and the pic-olio.

And, it has a been a hodgepodge.  That’s what I wanted.  I didn’t want to be forced into a box of what “pop” is or should be.  It is and can be so many things.  The variety of artists and genres that I’ve gotten to feature has been pretty amazing.

In the beginning, there were some people that didn’t seem to understand what this site was.  It was always very clear to me, so it confused me that it confused and didn’t translate to other people.  It’s an online music magazine, for all intents and purposes, and what do all magazines have?  They have features.  So, I came up with features where I could plug in different artists and diversify my content.  I mean, what is MTV?  What is Rolling Stone?  What is Vibe?

I came up with this section so if there was confusion or questions people could go here and gain some clarity.  Seems a lot of people didn’t go to it or check it out.  But, enough people went to it to make it Number 18 on this countdown.


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