MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME! 25. Kaydean pop quiz

MY TOP 30: Year 3 Posts of ALL-TIME!

Editor’s Note:  Kaydean is an artist signed to Zonisphere Recordings, part of Zonisphere Media Group, and I used to write a weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy, for Zubterrain, the e-zine of the the Zonisphere Media Group.

25. Kaydean pop quiz
I didn’t know too much about Kaydean when this posted and I still don’t.  I do know that he is a producer and has worked in the music industry as such for many, many years.  I also know he’s worked with both Janet and Robyn in the past.  That’s all I need to know.  Ha!

Seriously, though, as an artist, I think he’s exploring interesting territory and not doing what you would expect.  At the time of this pop quiz interview, he was promoting his just released concept double EP, Emerge/Submerge.  You can tell from the songs included with the pop quiz that his brand of ambient electro is richly layered and that, with this particular project, he was exploring the two sides of his musical spectrum and how they met in the middle.

His pop quiz interview, posted on Friday,  June 10, 2011, and takes the Year 3 Number 25 spot.  It was the first pop quiz of June 2011.  The second posted on Friday, June 24, 2011 and featured Elephant Sky.

See the original post here — Kaydean pop quiz interview.  It includes his songs, “Tranquility” and “Daywalker” and 3 Doors Down’s video for “Let Me Be Myself.”

See all 28 Year 3 pop quiz interviews here.

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