5Q for Stefani Vara – H-Town

The first time I interviewed Stefani Vara, it was for Popular Hispanics.   I was excited because she had been signed to a major label, had scored fashion endorsement deals with known brands, and had even stood on red carpets with the likes of Chris Brown (prior to his incident) and other such folks.  It was an ambitious (if Ido say so, myself) 20 question interview.  You can see the original PH version here and the reposted 2-part REAL popolio version here and here

It was what I considered a no holds barred interview and I even asked her take on Chris Brown’s situation.  I wasn’t sure if Stefani would be game, but she pulled no punches, didn’t asked for any of the questions to be changed, and answered every single last question.  By that, I was truly impressed.

Since that interview was so exhaustive, I decided to keep things simple this time around.  Most exciting is the tentative Texas Mini-Tour that Vara will kick-off in her hometown of Houston at the end of October.  Additionally,  she will be sharing fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips on a few websites very soon.  Find more about the tour, the tips, and more in this EXCLUSIVE 5Q interview.

Listen to the “Middle of the Night” Magnificent Remix, the first single from Stefani Vara’s forthcoming sophomore release.

Click the first pic to go to Stefani Vara’s Facebook Page and second, at the end of the interview, to get to her Twitter Account.


1. I hear you’re still working on writing and producing material for your sophomore album.  How is that going? What direction is it going in lyrically and musically? It’s a creative process, but I’m loving every minute of it.  Right now I can tell you that I am writing the majority of the sophomore album, but will be collaborating with a few talented songwriters as well. 🙂  The album has taken somewhat of a different direction with more dance-infused songs with a Latin flair.

2. What’s the next single?  How is it different from your first single for this set, “Middle of the Night?” “Middle of the Night” has really taken off; it’s actually Number 19 in Turkey as we speak (THANK YOU TURKEY!!!!).  I just finished a few dance remixes of “Middle of the Night” and I’m doing my own Stefani Vara version of a ‘70s classic…People are gonna’ be truly surprised when they hear it.  LOL!

3. I also hear that your fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips will be featured at various websites.  How did you become an “expert” in these areas?  Where and when can we find your tips? Yes, I am very excited about this opportunity.  I’m now a talent expert for a few websites including ehow.com and about.com. The segments will go live later this month.  Having the opportunity to attend some events and performing, I do get questions about fashion and hair, so when the opportunity of hosting personalized webisodes on fashion and organizing how-to’s came up, I jumped at the chance.

4. You have some Texas shows coming up later this month and into October.  Can you tell more about them?  What cities are you hitting?  Is Austin one of them? I’ll be doing some intimate concerts in Texas performing new music as well as a few covers by some of my musical influences.  Right now I’m looking into Houston, Dallas, and Austin…I need to show my home state some love.

5. What can Texans expect from your upcoming shows? The upcoming shows will have a more acoustic feel but also dance music with Latin flavor.  With these shows and sophomore album, I wanna’ show the audience that I am a versatile performer and not just a performer you can stick in a pre-determined category!


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