LOTTO Interview: Feedback – Room to Rock Artist

Editor’s Note:   The LOTTO Interview was one of the features for my weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy, that was part of Zubterrain, the e-zine of the Zonisphere Media Group.  That site is undergoing an indefinite overhaul; so, my column is currently on hiatus.  For the purpose of this series of interviews, I’ve decided to use the LOTTO Interview format here at THE REAL popolio.

I will be MCing Room to Read’s 2nd Annual Room to Rock music showcase and fundraiser event on Friday, August 26, 2011, at Peckerheads on Sixth (6th and Trinity).  Doors open at 7:30PM.  Show starts at 8PM.

Starting on Monday, to countdown to the event, I have been featuring a daily LOTTO Interview (and will do so through tomorrow) with each of the featured bands –  The Blistering Speeds, Feedback, The Shears, and Day vs. Night ( BTW, that is the order they perform in, but not necessarily the order of the interviews).

Get the 411 here, RSVP at the Facebook Event Page, and learn more about the organization at the official site.

The Blistering Speeds kicked things off on Monday.  Day vs. Night kept it going yesterday.   Read each of their LOTTO Interviews here and here, respectively.  Next up in our series of Room to Rock LOTTO Interviews is Feedback, the official band of Bazaarvoice, who will follow the Blistering Speeds during the showcase.

The idea is simple.  I have a list of questions that are a mixed bag of musical, fun, serious, and silly.  Feedback chose five numbers from 1 through 100 without getting to see the questions. The questions they answered for this interview are the questions that corresponded with the numbers that were chosen.  The list is currently holding steady at 100.

Watch Feedback perform their version of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown.”  Read their LOTTO Interview below.

UR:  Anyone you would pattern your career after?
FB: Probably the Rutles…Or maybe Spinal Tap, but mostly just for the great stage props.

UR:  What are the top references you use for this band, musical or otherwise?
FB:  The main criteria we followed in selecting the music was to play the tunes that we are excited about.  Our band members seem to have a similar taste in music, but we are pretty diverse when it comes to age.  Since we mainly do covers, it ends up as somewhat of a “best of” from the ‘70s all the way through to today.

We had two rules we tried to follow:

1) The audience should be able to recognize the song within a few notes.
2) Once they recognize it, it should make them smile.

UR:  What’s a genre of music you’d like to try that your fans would be surprised by?
FB:  Bluegrass soul!  Don’t be too surprised if we break out some angry banjo or maybe even a fiddle one of these days…

UR:  If you were to redo a song from a musical, what song would you do from which musical?
FB:  It probably wouldn’t be a huge stretch for us to try a few songs from musicals.  Maybe “Seasons of Love,” from RENT – it has a big sound, lots of vocals, and it’s definitely a feel-good tune.

UR:  American Idol’s Jennifer Lopez, The Voice’s Christina Aguilera, or X-Factor’s Paula Abdul?
FB:  J.Lo…Of course.


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  1. Chuck McMahon
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 18:20:27

    A brief interview we did to promote the Room to Rock event this Friday night. Ironically – in the video I’m not on the drums – I had subbed out for Jim Raymonds and was playing percussion for this one.


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