LOTTO Interview: Day vs. Night – Room to Rock Artist

Editor’s Note:   The LOTTO Interview was one of the features for my weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy, that was part of Zubterrain, the e-zine of the Zonisphere Media Group.  That site is undergoing an indefinite overhaul; so, my column is currently on hiatus.  For the purpose of this series of interviews, I’ve decided to use the LOTTO Interview format here at THE REAL popolio.

I will be MCing Room to Read’s 2nd Annual Room to Rock music showcase and fundraiser event on Friday, August 26, 2011, at Peckerheads on Sixth (6th and Trinity).  Doors open at 7:30PM.  Show starts at 8PM.

Starting yesterday, to countdown to the event, I started featuring a daily LOTTO Interview (and will do so through Thursday) with each of the featured bands –  The Blistering Speeds, Feedback, The Shears, and Day vs. Night ( BTW, that is the order they perform in, but not necessarily the order of the interviews).

Get the 411 here, RSVP at the Facebook Event Page, and learn more about the organization at the official site.

The Blistering Speeds kicked things off yesterday.  Read their LOTTO Interview here.  Next up in our series of Room to Rock LOTTO Interviews is Day vs. Night, who will be closing the showcase.

The idea is simple.  I have a list of questions that are a mixed bag of musical, fun, serious, and silly.  Day vs. Night chose five numbers from 1 through 100 without getting to see the questions. The questions they answered for this interview are the questions that corresponded with the numbers that were chosen.  The list is currently holding steady at 100.

Listen to Day vs. Night’s “Caught in the Radio.”  Read their LOTTO Interview below.  Answered for the group by band drummer, Nick Welp.

UR:  Do people who say “supposebly” annoy you as much as they do me?
DN:  No, they may have learning disabilities.  Or cuteness awareness problems?  Either way, they deserve our compassion.

UR:  Last day on earth, what do you do?
DN:  Some context would help…I believe in finishing things like I did them in the middle, so just like I live my life my last day will be filled with sex and vengeance.

UR:  You win a Grammy, who’s the first person you thank?
DN:  You know when you’re practicing in your room and you’re really good the only person to thank is yourself.  But, when other people are interested in what you do and it’s moved beyond the practice sphere that is entirely because of the effort and the goodwill other people have extended you.  When you’re on the cusp of relevancy it’s because of other people.

I used to think the long lists of people to thank were silly, but I have a much better grasp on the scale and the effort success like that requires; it requires people all over the country pulling for you, suggesting your music to their friends, and playing your songs at parties.  So, anyone who’s ever been a Day vs. Night fan, this thank you is for you!

UR:  You can get a song remixed by any producer, DJ, or artist, which of your songs would you choose and who would you get to do it?
DN:  I’d like a straight up Krautrock version of “Caught on the Radio.”  No melody, only drum, and the singer would chant the lyrics.  So, random reference, how about Front 242?  Zwei Fear Zwei.  Every other song has already been sampled by Kanye West.  I want some real OGs that aren’t even hip hop.  If not Krautrock, I want some freaking Electro!

UR:  What’s your greatest musical strength?
DN:  I hold my band to high standards and they meet them.  As a band, we have a remarkably clean tone.  We do not step on each others toes, we do not play over each other.  Each musician has a perfect niche.  My greatest strength as a drummer is that I can play anything anywhere anytime any planet, perfectly.  It’s always catchy and it’s always groovy.  I have high expectations for myself and I work to exceed them.

Troy, the guitarist, comes up with many of the riffs that define our songs. His musical gifts are original melodies, beautiful tone, and flexibility. Troy is one of the best musicians I’ve ever worked with and he’s remains imperturbable.  He’s the only musician I’ve worked with for this long that I’ve never seen lose his cool.  I mean we’ve been playing together for years now and he’s never angry or difficult to get along with.

Zafer, I feel, is the guy me and Troy work together to support.  As the bass player, he’s the glue of the song, but as the singer he’s also the centerpiece.  As a band we’re working to create a great song, a song that allows Zafer to shine as our singer and frontman.  He’s the best singer I’ve worked with and I knew it early on when I first met him.  He’s virtually half the band as the bass player and singer (two roles) and he lays both the foundation on bass and the angel on top with his voice, so in many ways though we all work together towards a common goal, he’s really the defining presence in our lineup.

Zafer, the singer and bass player, is the Hamilton in our Texas Rangers Lineup. I’m the drummer, Nick, and I feel I’m the offensive and defensive line (think Dallas Cowboys circa 1993, now with two Hall-of-Famers) and Troy, the guitarist, is Cliff Lee — our ace.  So as a Foot-base team we are offense-oriented, we beat you up and we shut our opponents down.  Are you ready for some Foot-base? Isn’t that how that song goes?


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