R&R: Hope for the Future

Editor’s Note:  Zonisphere Media Group, home of the e-zine, Zubterrain, where my weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy lives, is undergoing a site overhaul that will take some weeks to complete. So, my column is currently halted.  I plan to finish out my June posts here at THE REAL popolio.

My articles normally went live on Tuesdays.  This is the last edition of R&R for awhile.

Cause of the Month:  It Gets Better Project

Not only will this be my last edition of R&R (Rant and Rave), but it will also be my last post at Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy for awhile as the Zonisphere website is revamped for about a month or so; maybe less.   I don’t know what’s in store, but I’m excited to find out and to see what the new website will look like.  Stay tuned for that!

As I thought about what I would write about I can’t help but just echo what I’m feeling to be true to myself in the moment.  As a blogger, I write on the side of a day job that has nothing to do with my true interests or even what I went to school for.  Though not an artist perse, I’ve always considered myself a creative.  I feel frustrated and boxed in.  Like that hamster on the wheel who goes nowhere.  I have a destination in mind, but don’t know how to get there.

I guess this got me thinking if an artist came to me for advice and was feeling the same way as I am now what would I say to that artist. I don’t know what I would say, but some common phrases came to mind.  “Cream rises to the top.”  So, if you’re good and have talent, eventually it will happen for you.  Now, you can make it happen yourself.  Invest in yourself, release your own product, create your own label, your own company, etc.  But, what if you don’t have those resources or like me don’t really feel business-minded and feel like you’d be better off teaming with someone who could better handle that part, but that person hasn’t really materialized?

So, then you’re like if it hasn’t happened, yet, then maybe I ‘m not good at it and I should give it up, because surely I would have “made it” by now.  “Takes 10 years to become an overnight success.”  Then there’s that.  But, how long is too long?   When should you throw in the towel and decide you’re just meant to have a “normal” life?  Even though every fiber in your being wants it to be otherwise. If you’re cool with the starving artist bit, I say have at it, but I need some security, to pay bills, and insurance.  Hence, the day job.  Yet, I would rather make a living at what I am passionate about and something related to the degrees I earned.

Then you hear the stories about those who give up and decide this is there last project.  An actress in a film, for example.  That if this doesn’t work then they will go live that “normal life” and BAM! it works out for them.  Jodie Foster, anyone?

Is it about the right person seeing what you can do and providing an opportunity?  Is it about you getting in front of that right person to see what you can do so you can create an opportunity for yourself?  You’ve got fire and passion and follow-through, but you get burned out and tired, too.  You’ve given it your all time and time again, but still it’s not enough.  So, what do you do? The other option, I suppose, is taking breaks when you feel burnt out and then just going back to it full force once you feel it again.  This, in stead of, stopping all together.

I guess I would say to that artist to follow your heart and pay attention to your instincts.  I think there are opportunities that come along that we miss sometimes.  You don’t have to do everything, just what feels right to you.  I think once the right thing comes along and you start working in that direction the pieces start to fall in to place. I hope that’s what is in my future and I hope that for all of yours.

peace, love, and all that jazz

freddie beat


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