Not So Random Videos: Homohop

Editor’s Note:  Zonisphere Media Group, home of the e-zine, Zubterrain, where my weekly music column, Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy lives, is undergoing a site overhaul that will take some weeks to complete. So, my column is currently halted.  I plan to finish out my June posts here at THE REAL popolio.

My articles normally went live on Tuesdays.  This edition of Not So Random Videos (NSRV) is what would have posted yesterday, June 21, 2011.  Look  for next week’s edition of R&R (Rant and Rave) as regularly scheduled on Tuesday, June 28, 2011.

Cause of the Month:  It Gets Better Project

With it being Pride Month  across the country, June’s Cause of the Month interview highlighting the It Gets Better Project, and my declaration that it is also Pride Month at Urb’l (Urban Cool) Remedy, I wanted to feature something that packed a punch for this edition of Not So Random Videos (NSRV).

So, this time around I’m featuring homohop (or LGBTQ or queer hip hop) at NSRV.   I wouldn’t call myself a hip hop-head, but certainly I am of the hip hop generation and have been influenced and touched by it.  Who hasn’t it at this point?  It permeates the culture.  I will say that I do take issue with the sexism, homophobia, and materialism that often runs rampant through the musical form.  For those reasons, it’s interesting to me that LGBTQ people would want to emulate it.  For those very same reasons, I think it’s important.  Something about it, I think, helps deconstruct it or bridge the gap or something like that.

But, to be fair, there is a whole spectrum of points-of-view, topics, sub-genres, styles, sounds, etc. in hip hop and it’s not a black and white subject.   Homohop is no different.  Neither are people.   We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and we can each be ambivalent or ambiguous or contradictory as human beings at times.  We’re all the same, but different.  I think that’s the point, really.  It’s a concept that’s kind of simple and complicated at the same time.

These artists were all featured in the 2006 documentary film about homohop, Pick Up The Mic.  I first heard about it a few years back and I have always wanted to check it out, but have yet to do so.  I tried to pick songs from these artists that ran the gamut of the spectrum I mention above.   Collectively they show, but are not limited to, humor, religious faith, spirituality, hope, love, desire, covetousness, sexuality, intelligence, silliness, and lewdness.  I hope no one will be offended by the fact that I included a religious video with a highly sexual one.  But, like I said, I wanted to show the range of these artists and this genre.

I’d like to close with a wise statement, but I can’t think of anything that won’t come off corny.  The famous quote, “To thine own self be true,” by William Shakespeare is all that comes to mind.  Hope you enjoy the videos!

peace, love & all that jazz

freddie beat

Soce, The Elemental Wizard “Not Ready”

Miss Money “The Worship Song” freestyle to Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” from the Dreamweaver Mixtape

Tim’m West “fly-brotha” from independent film, heart breaks open

God-Des and She “Love You Better”

Cazwell “Ice Cream Truck” NSFW!  Mature Audiences Only!


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