Tea Time pop quiz interview

May 13, 2011

Name: Tea Time (Camilo Castaldi)
Genre:  Hip Hop/Funk/Soul
Debut Release:  1 (www.bordersessions.com)
Release Date:  June 10, 2010

This, That, or the Other
1. Underground OR Mainstream?  Underground
2. Maintain Artistic Integrity and Vision OR Make a lot of Money? (OR Both)??? Artistic Integrity
3. Studio OR Stage? Stage
4. Spirituality OR Hedonism? Spirituality
5. Make Love, Have Sex, OR %$*! Make Love

Fill in the Blank
6. Music is my life.
7. I’m musically inspired by Franz Kafka, Parliament, Bob James, Wu-Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics, and graffiti.
8. If I could have made any music video it would have been Mamma Roma by Pasolini.
9. If I was a super hero I’d be The Super Dog.
10. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll should change to Music, Love, and Roll.

Short Answer
11. I make music because:  It is my business.
12. I want my fans to:  Feel a friend of mine through the music.
13. If I could only share one thing about myself it would be:  My place is everywhere.
14. Wild Card!  One Time!  Two time!  Tea Time!
15.  I want my musical legacy to be:  A different way of messaging in rap music, to be Poetry like the classic poets of literary history, and to make a new style in Spanish rap with the flow like the African-Americans.

The video Tea Time wishes he would have made!

Editor’s Note:
His response to Number 8 is actually a 1962 Italian film not a proper music video.  Here is the opening scene from the film.

Listen to “If U Really Wanna” featuring Problem from Tea Time’s debut release, 1.  Click the cover to go to his Facebook Page.


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