7 Neon Desert interviews, 1 pop quiz & more for El Paso Week!

Last Monday I kicked off El Paso Week in tribute to the inaugural Neon Desert Music Festival with a series of special daily Neon Desert questions for interviews.  There were seven posted between last week and yesterday. Here’s the complete list of our REAL popolio Neon Desert 2011 Artists including their genre, an interesting fact for each, and links to each of their Q&A interviews.  April’s  first pop quiz also posted on Friday and featured an El Paso artist and though they are not playing Neon Desert, their video pick was by an artist who is, so I included them in El Paso Week.

When this festival grows in years to come and the Rolling Stones and Billboards are covering it, remember that THE REAL popolio was right there on the forefront during Year 1.

The Royalty
Genre:  Counterculture Pop
Interesting Fact:  Strange obssession with dogs.
5Q interview 

Los Amigos Invisibles
Genre:  Eclectic Venezuelan Dance
Interesting Fact:  They’ll be playing songs from their latest release Not So Commercial live for the FIRST TIME EVER at Neon Desert!
10Q interview

Cigarettes After Sex
Genre:  Avant Pop
Interesting Fact:  The Cigarettes After Sex name has been censored in the past resulting in only the CAS acronym being used.
5Q interview

The Lusitania
Genre:  Rock & Roll
Interesting Fact:  The boys like to play frisbee in the parking lots of the venues for their out-of-town shows which happens to be orange.
5Q interview

Girl in a Coma
Genre:  Indie Rock/Punk
Interesting Fact:  The girls are on Joan Jett’s label and have had a video directed by Robert Rodriguez.
5Q interview

Genre:  Electro-Dance Three Piece
Interesting Fact:  The GOBI logo fits perfectly with the Neon Desert motif.
5Q interview 

Zach Paul
Neon Desert Founder and SSP Principle
Interesting Fact:  The festival name came from the husband of Gina Martinez, one of Zach’s two SSP partners.
5Q interview


Neon Desert Flyer

Kicking Off Neon Desert El Paso Week at THE REAL popolio!




BB Gun Johnny
Genre: Rock & Roll
Video they wish they’d have made:  “Easy Love” by MSTRKRFT
pop quiz


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