5Q for GOBI – Neon Desert Artist

GOBI is J. Dillon, D. Dunny, and Chuco Phil.  Chuco Phil is repping GOBI for the purposes of this interview.  They are one of the 29+ bands playing one of four stages at the inaugural Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso on Saturday, April 30, 2011. 

Chuco Phil is definitely one of those Austin-El Paso people I mention here.  Not sure if  all of GOBI is.  But, they ARE playing Neon Desert and play El Paso often, so, at the least, they are in spirit. 

Listen to “Ain’t Gonna Die” from GOBI’s latest EP, The Late Night, available for name-your-price download at BandCamp.

Click the first pic to go to GOBI’s Facebook Page and second, at the end of the interview, to get to their MySpace Page.


Interesting Fact: GOBI’s logos, pictures, and overall persona fits perfectly with the neon aspect of the Neon Desert Music Festival.  Some interesting synchronicity, indeed.

1. What does GOBI mean? When we first started playing we had a DJ in the group and he lived off of GOBI Drive down in South Austin off of Stassney.  The name looked good on the sign and more than anything we didn’t want a name that defined our music (like Cannibal Corpse or Spinal Tap), instead we wanted our music to give definition to the name.

2. You’re an electro-dance three piece.  What does each of you bring to the table? J. Dillon and I produce all the electronic elements of our sound.  We believe in locking ourselves in a room for hours until we are satisfied with what will be the backbone of our music.  Dunny is a crucial element in providing the complex hypnotic beats and up-tempo tom grooves which fuels the excitement when we play.  He’s one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen and may be the best drummer in electronic music.  Dillon adds guitar, I add vocals, and you have GOBI.

3. Since you thrive on live performance, how is that different than when you compose or produce your music?  Are you thinking about the live aspect when you are in the studio? Our live performance and songwriting go hand-in-hand.  At an early age, Dillon and I would go to tons of shows and the genres varied significantly from one show to the other.  We noticed that no matter what the genre was, whether we were in a club in Juarez listening to a DJ, at Red Rocks dancing to a Jam Band, or checking out Jay-Z at a huge stadium, the theme we needed in a good live show was a beat to dance to and energy from the stage. 

Dillon has always said that dancing is the biggest compliment a crowd can give a band, so when we write our songs, we definitely keep in mind how we want the crowd to feel.  We calculate how much energy we want to produce and at which points of the night we want to release that energy.  This has become a science for us and every night is an experiment.

4. What can El Paso look forward to for your Neon Desert Music Festival show? First of all, we love playing El Paso.  Every time we’ve played in EP the energy has been intense; the after parties, amazing.  We have an entire new album worth of material and I can’t wait for Chuco Town to hear it.  If the only GOBI shows you’ve seen have been in El Paso, you’ll see an entire new band at Neon Desert.

5. In addition to watching GOBI’s performance, why else should folks check out the Neon Desert Music Festival? Neon Desert is just good for El Paso.  The city has so much culture and a feel all its own, it’s time they have a festival all of their own that showcases that.  Neon Desert is the city’s chance to place themselves on the map and it’s an opportunity for people to check out music and bands that rarely play in El Paso.  I’ll definitely be at MSTRKRFT.


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