In Honor of the FIRST EVER Neon Desert Music Festival it’s El Paso Week at THE REAL popolio!

This is for my El Paso people, my Austin people, and especially for my El Paso-Austin people.  Those folks, like me, that are from El Paso and live in Austin. 

For those who don’t know yet there’s an outfit out here in the ATX called Splendid Sun Productions. They’re El Paso-Austin people like I described above.  They want to bridge that musical gap between the two cities and really make some things happen along those lines.

There first venture is the inaugural and ground-breaking Neon Desert Music Festival that goes down on Saturday, April  30, 2011 in historic Downtown El Paso.  Four stages will be  by rocked by Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, MSTRKRFT, Kinky, CSS, Los Amigos Invisibles, Designer Drugs, Hello Seahorse, Girl in a Coma, Zechs Marquise, Parallels, Radio La Chusma, Mexicans at Night, D.A., Bulletproof Tiger, Frontera Bugalu, Subrosa Union, Cigarettes After Sex, The Lusitania, Nicosounds, Through The Trees, The Royalty, GOBI, PD Collective, and PS&B.

There’s also a charity component as a portion of the profits from the festival will go to, not one, but two non-profit organizations.   Amor Por Juarez and Creative Kids will be assisted in the continuance of their work in El Paso and Sister City, Juarez.  Way to honor our bi-culture-ality and border town-ness, kids! (Yes, I made up my own words.)

In honor of El Paso and the ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT Neon Desert Music Festival, I will be posting interviews throughout the week with one of the creators of the festival and some of the featured artists.   I may have some post-coverage happenin’, too.  So, stay tuned for that.  For now, check back for those interviews.  Get your tickets for Neon Desert because this is history in the making!

peace, love & all that jazz
freddie beat aka Freddie Rodriguez
THE REAL popolio creator/editor


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