Ume & Jamestown Revival Vie for Cover in Rolling Stone Contest – ATX

16 unsigned artists.  4 rounds.  1 cover.  On Wednesday, February 16, 2011, Rolling Stone magazine kicked off their inaugural Do You Wanna be a Rock & Roll Star? Contest.  Read more about it  here and how it all works here

According to the site, “the winner of the contest will be announced on the August 1st episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  The band will go on to make their live television debut on the program.”

Unfortunately, Round 1 of voting is over.  You can still find out about the 16 bands by listening to their stuff and reading their Q&As here.   8 will advance to Round 2.  4 will be chosen by the public and 4 by Rolling Stone editors and industry professionals. 

Next Wednesday, March  16, 2011,  the 8 that make it to Round 2 will be unveiled. Round 2 will be based solely on public voting.

Austin-based acts, Ume and Jamestown Revival are among the 16 unsigned acts.  If they make it to Round 2, you can vote for them, then.  I’m partial to Ume as they were a  2010 popolio  SXSW pop quiz Artist.  Fingers crossed that Austin will represent in Round 2.  Stay tuned and SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!


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  1. Micah
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 18:11:04

    Ok, so I’m a fan of Ume and the music scene in Austin. But James Town Revival? Where have they played? Are they really from Austin? After reading this I did a little googling.

    Check out Jonathan Clay’s Facebook ( Current location: Los Angeles. Hmm… It seems Jonathan also signed a development deal with Atlantic ( Again… Hmm…

    Austin consistently amazes me with how much support is given to the music scene. Ume is a great band that deserves the attention and support of the city. Jamestown Revival, while are obviously talented, feel more like major label darlings than a band that has strong local roots. It would be really cool to see an Austin artist on the cover of Rolling Stone, but Jamestown Revival doesn’t really qualify in my mind.


    • realpopolio
      Mar 04, 2011 @ 17:34:02


      Thank you for your comment. I reached to Jamestown Revival via Twitter to see if they wanted to rebut your statements, which I think is only fair, but I have not heard back from them.

      To balance the discussion, I will say that Jonathan Clay’s FB Page does say his hometown is Austin as does Jamestown Revival’s. I grew up in El Paso & my family still lives there. I visit & I’m proud to call it my hometown. I live in Austin now & it’s my adopted home. I think you can have an affinity for more than one location. Also, many artists leave their hometowns to work with their labels, whether indie or major. Or they commute back-and-forth.

      Also, the development deal you cite fell through, so he no longer has it. And, a development deal is not all it’s cracked up to be. Many artists, especially now with the state of the music industry, switch between major and indie deals through the span of a career.

      Lastly, Jamestown Revival has a show coming up during SXSW at the Rusty Spurs.


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