The Shondes Van Stolen, Help Them Get a New One!

Brooklyn band, the Shondes, who I’ve previously featured at THE REAL popolio and who have played the ATX and SXSW on more than one occasion, recently had their touring van stolen.   They have an initiative going for fans to help them buy a new one.  They do have some SXSW 2011 dates scheduled.  You can help them get to those Austin dates!

Their goal is $10,000 and there are 8 days left in their initiative.  They’ve collected $9,084  from 210 backers so far!  They’re happy with any donated amount.

Watch their video and listen to the Shondes give you the deets, themselves.   They’re pretty funny about it considering the circumstances.  They shout out Austin and no other city.  Just sayin’.


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