Show Review: 1/25/11 Questlove@Reyn Theatre – EP

written by Deanna Fierro with photos by El Paso Showlist

See THE REAL popolio Questlove show pic-olio here.




all over the place

carries a tune

part of the chorus

featured soloist

conducting the choir


On Tuesday, January 25, 2011, Questlove aka Ahmir Thompson graced the city of El Paso, TX for the second time with his DJ skills at the Reyn Theatre in the downtown area. 

Upon first arriving to the theater one would assume there was going to be a low turnout, but fans quickly filled the venue five minutes before Questlove hit the stage.  His fans were strong and represented well in El Paso.  During this performance he gave the audience three amazing hours of spinning and remixing with the help of his hype man, Nah Mean.  The beats were all smooth and steady.  Every transition and every mix got the crowd going and dancing non-stop.

From the start, Nah Mean, made it loud and clear to the crowd that he wanted to see bodies moving and couldn’t have expressed it better when he repeated twice, “This is a party, this is not a spectator sport.”   The audience totally let loose after that, singing along and some even breakdanced to the beats of Questlove.

The Late Night Social Club (LNSC) set up the event and entry price was set at twenty dollars per ticket.  Even at that price the performance and entertainment that Questlove gave that night was worth so much more.  I’m sure the fans and I would have been glad to pay more after what we were treated to that night.

Although most of the fans that night were familiar with Questlove as the cofounder and drummer of the Roots, he decided to show them that as a DJ he could shine just as much.  You can check out Questlove’s drumming skills on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where the Roots are currently the resident show band.  Whether he’s drumming or DJing, it doesn’t really matter how you get to hear it; nothing beats seeing the man perform in person. ♫♫

He's the Hype Man, I'm the DJ.

Check out this YouTube video of Questlove on the ones and two with his hype man, Nah Mean, doing their thing at the Reyn Theatre in El Paso.


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