Larissa Ness TEASES Forthcoming Release@The Phoenix 12/9/10 – ATX

Don’t forget to check out Larissa Ness’ show this Thursday night and to read her recent REAL popolio pop quiz interview.

~Originally posted Wednesday, November 17, 2010~

Larissa Ness will be performing new tracks from her forthcoming yet to be titled follow-up to 2008’s Hello.  For those who love Hello, you will also get to hear numbers from that set.  This will be a high-octane show with visual projections by Greek_Fire and a dance troupe made up of local dancers backing Ms. Ness.  Looks to be a big show at the Phoenix

Click on the flyer to go to Larissa Ness’ official site.

For those who like the behind-the-scenes production tidbits.

+Rachelle Briton (former MTV Networks stylist and now fashion designer) will oversee Wardrobe and Costuming to make sure Larissa Ness looks good. 
+Waterstone Aesthetics will design Hair and Make-Up for Larissa Ness and the dancers to rock.
+Beyond Tradition will provide accessories for Larissa Ness and the dancers to wear.


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