EXCLUSIVE: 10 Questions for TsuShiMaMiRe – EP

Editor’s Note:  This is the first interview by our El Paso, TX-area contributing writer, Deanna Fierro.  Welcome aboard, Deanna.  Check it!

Additionally,  per the flyer below, this show was originally scheduled to take place at a new El Paso venue, Low Brow, that was still being built, so it was moved to Black Market.

~by Deanna Fierro~

All-female Japanese band TsuShiMaMiRe kicked off their North American Tour alongside Japanese punk band Peelander-Z on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 in San Jose, CA to introduce their latest album, Sex on the Beach, stateside.  The album title and tracks are inspired by the cocktail of the same name.  TsuShiMaMiRe is composed of band members Mari on guitar/vocals, Yayoi on bass/chorus, and Mizue on the drums/chorus.  Before performing at their eighth tour stop at El Paso, TX venue, Black Market, on Wednesday, November 3, 2010, I got a chance to talk to TsuShiMaMiRe to ask them about their music, fans, and their Sex on the Beach Tour.Click on the pic to go to their official site (available in English!) and read the 10Q interview after the jump.

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11.03.10 TsuShiMaMiRe at Black Market in El Paso, TX/photo by Leticia Pena of Refractive Elements Studio

1. Your North American Tour just started on October 27,2010.  As of right now, is the tour meeting your expectations? [Yayoi] Yes! Many people were looking forward to seeing us!

Since your previous tours in the U.S., what cities are you ready to visit again? [Yayoi]L.A…. Cherry was in the Sex on the Beach…. [Mari] Yes, it puts the cherry on top.  

2. Does it bother you when people call you punk rock? [Mari] People say many things — punk rock, heavy rock, pop. [We] just play, we decided our style — our three sounds and voice and mix it together.

3. Do you all help write your songs and lyrics? [Yayoi] Lyrics, Mari writes.  [Mari] We think about the title of the song. Then, I think about many things. Like “Chicken Sandwich,” the song. I think about the title, how to make it, and about wanting to go to picnic with my boyfriend.  [That’s] how I wrote the lyrics. Then, she (Yayoi) thinks about the bass line. Everybody thinks about the sound.

4. Yayoi, you seem to be the one who updates your Facebook and MySpace blogs with tour details for your fans.  Is that what you like to do? [Yayoi] Yes, on MySpace. [Mari] MySpace is Yayoi’s, Facebook helps our friend, [Brian Nelson, our tour manager.] Now, I put on some pictures and movies on Facebook, too. Yayoi is [the] MySpace person. [Mizue]  I make and fix [the] Japanese website.

5. How are your American fans different from your Japanese fans? [Yayoi] American fans want [to] wear our T-shirts more tight than Japanese. [Mari] We have too [many] large and extra-large shirts. Most Japanese wear small sizes. Americans come in a lot of sizes.  Extra-large is too big.  Medium girls wear or use large, but too tight.  That is nice.  Clubs have most[ly] guys.  I want to see cute girls. Almost, all long hair guys drink and yell loud.  I want to see young girls.

6.  Do guy or girl fans email you more? [Yayoi] Most girls, lots of girls. [Mizue] Yes, young girls.

7. What do your online fans normally ask you? [Mari] Our biggest fan from Los Angeles now lives in France. She likes Japanese very much.  She is interested in our song lyrics. She asks me so, so many questions [like], “What is the meaning of this lyrics?”

8. I read that one of you was a teacher, is this true? [Mari] Yes, I was a teacher. We formed in 1999 in university. I learned education of elementary school but I wanted to do rock. So, I keep rocking and teaching. Rock and teaching, rock and teaching, but I couldn’t keep teaching because too much rocking. We had many shows. I get tired and sleepy. Children are very important, so I can’t do both things. So, I said to students I want to be rock singer so I retire but I love you guys. So, please cheer.

9. What is the biggest challenge that you have come across while touring? [Mari] My challenge [is that] I’m singing three English songs. I always make the songs in Japanese. I rock Japanese. The lyrics are so interesting I want to tell our Japanese culture.  I want to have more [English] conversation and understand more English.  So, we make two new English songs. My English not so good, but I want to try singing in English.  “Strobo” is a Japanese and English mix song.

10. How would you describe your band and music to new fans? [Yayoi] So much energy and passion. [Mizue] Impressive. I can’t see much on drums but I see audience really rock. So, I want to bring [and] give them our power. [Mari] We are number one rock band in Japan. We want our music all over the world, so come to our shows. [Yayoi] Everybody will be impressed and be happy!


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